Easy Emerald Tools & More [FABRIC] [1.17] [1.16.5] [1.15.2]


Сбалансированные инструменты изумруда, рубина и стали.

Скриншоты мода (кликабельно!):

Simple Emerald Tools & More Mod for Fabric

Minecraft Snapshot 20W17A (1.16)

A very simple mod that adds basic tools and armor made from emeralds, ruby, and steel. Stats within vanilla bounds. No new ores!

Emerald — same stats as diamond with less durability

Ruby — same as emerald with more durability, still less than diamond

Steel — same stats as iron, but more durability, less than emerald

I plan to update with each snapshot and the full release of 1.16

No new ores, all made from existing resources:


Как установить Easy Emerald Tools & More[FABRIC] на Майнкрафт c Fabric:

  1. Скачать и установить Fabric
  2. Скачать и кинуть скачанный мод Easy Emerald Tools & More[FABRIC] в папку mods. Все!
  3. Подробнее.

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