Rainbeau’s Water World [1.16.5]


Мод на Майнкрафт про глубокие океаны, разбросанные острова и пиратов!

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Как установить Rainbeau's Water World на Майнкрафт:

  1. Кинуть скачанный файл Rainbeau's Water World.zip в папку datapacks, что находится внутри нужного вам мира.
  2. В игре введите команду /reload. Все!
  3. Подробнее.

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Скачать Rainbeau's Water World мод на Майнкрафт:

Minecraft 1.16.2 - 1.16.5.) Highlights: - Deeper oceans, as sea level is now y=128- Lots of islands of many varieties (even including dormant volcanos), but no continents- Pirate ships, merchant ships, lighthouses, and aquatic dungeons- Better tactics and loot for drowned- A new tab of ocean-themed advancements NOTE: This is the base version of the data pack, in which the water world realm simply replaces the overworld. If you prefer the water world realm to be a separate dimension, please use the new dimension version of the data pack. Admit it. Youve always wanted to play Minecraft on a world thats mostly water. Well, now you can! This data pack raises the sea level from level 63 to level 128. Of course, if that was all it did, the world would be a pretty boring place, as the only land youd ever see would be the tip of the occasional mountain. So it also completely redoes terrain generation, adding lots of islands. As you explore, youll find archipelagos of small islands of various types, and also larger islands with hills or even mountains at their centers. Occasionally, youll even find a dormant volcano (complete with nether-like terrain inside its crater) or a crater lake. But you wont find any continents. And no matter where you go, youll never be far from water. Oceans, obviously, are now much deeper, and thus more difficult to explore. In vanilla worlds, regular oceans are perhaps 20 blocks deep, while the floors of deep oceans are about 30 blocks below sea level. On a Water Worlds map, though, while the shallow oceans surrounding islands are seldom more than 10 blocks deep, regular oceans are about 40 deep. And the floors of deep oceans -- the only places where you can find ocean monuments -- are about 90 blocks below sea level. And deep oceans no longer exist just as pools scattered here and there, by the way. Rather, deep oceans wind around and between islands everywhere, such that it will be rare for you to find two distinct islands that arent separated by a deep ocean trench. Oh, and do be careful when exploring, or even just swimming or sailing across, deep oceans. In addition to the drowned that can be found in any ocean, guardians can be found in deep oceans even when not in the vicinity of a monument. As well, youll sometimes find pirate ships upon the open sea. (To be fair, you can also find merchant ships, but unlike the pirates, the merchants wont attack you.) Pirates? Yes! Illagers are now pirates, and (generally) carry pirate banners instead of ominous banners. As the game progresses, youll often meet them wandering randomly, as well as in patrols or raids. Pirates, of course, are looters, and so illagers will now happily grab any items lying on the ground near them, gaining a brief regeneration buff in the process. This means that if an illager kills you, the items you drop will be lost. Additionally, vindicators are fire bugs, and will set fire to any doors or fence gates they get close to. The data pack also improves drowned. First, their loot tables have been substantially improved. Drowned that you fight near the oceans surface probably wont drop anything of real value, but at least therell be more variety than youre used to seeing. But drowned that you kill deeper underwater might drop valuable treasure items. And their tactics are also improved. Drowned who hit you will try to drag you deeper under water, and may even inflict you with blindness. Oh, and as a side note, drowned only spawn with tridents if theyre deeper in the ocean, so you shouldnt find yourself dodging thrown tridents while working on the beach. However, to help make up for this lack, drowned now sometimes spawn with armor, swords or axes. The data pack adds aquatic dungeons on the ocean floor, complete with spawners generating drowned or even guardians. It also adds lighthouses (after all, with so many ships on the ocean, it just made sense). Water World also adds a new tab of advancements specifically themed to ocean exploration. The maximum elevation at which iron ore can be found has been increased to match the new sea level. Similarly, andesite, diorite, granite and coal can be found at pretty much any elevation, now, so higher mountains wont be made entirely of generic stone. Other ores and gems are still found only where youre used to seeing them, though, which means youll just have to dig further in order to find them. Special note: Due to an as-yet-unfixed bug in 1.16 data packs world generation, custom dimensions always generate with the same seed, meaning that every map will have biomes laid out in the same arrangement, and no matter how many times you start a new game, youll always spawn in roughly the same spot with roughly the same geography around you. In order to compensate for this and provide the expected you dont know where youll start experience, Ive added to Water Worlds a function which immediately resets your spawn location when you begin a game, to a random location within 10,000 blocks of 0,0. But doing so bypasses the normal limitations on where you can spawn, meaning that you could find yourself arriving in a new world in quite literally any biome, and might even occasionally just fall right into the ocean. So be prepared for anything. To use Water Worlds, simply load and enable the data pack as youre creating a new world. Dont try adding it to a game world that already exists, though, as youll get rather bizarre results. And make sure when you create a world that you leave the World Type set to Default, as otherwise, youll override the data pack. This data pack should be compatible with any data pack or mod that adds custom dimensions or alters world generation of the nether or the end. However, it will almost certainly not be compatible with other data packs or mods that alter world generation of the overworld, or that edit biome generation or add new biomes. Additionally, since it utilizes customized biomes rather than vanilla biomes, it will simply ignore packs or mods that alter vanilla biomes. CREDITS (Concepts): The idea for the prismarine mesa biome and the petrified coral trees therein came from the prismarine cliffs and petrified forest biomes in MC_DAs Many More Biomes data pack, and my crystal archipelago biome draws from that packs frozen and crystallized forest biomes. The improved tactics for drowned are borrowed from Better Drowneds by Manuelst. The idea of making pirates out of illagers came from the Ocean Dimension data pack created by DJChimodragon. CREDITS (Advancements): Some of the advancements added by this data pack are based upon advancements from Expanded Advancement and Recipe Pack by PancakeIdentity and/or BlazeandCaves Advancements Pack by Calvinator1. Two of them, Castaway and Sleep with the Fishes, duplicate Bedrock Edition achievements, and are adapted from More Advancements: Achievements from the Bedrock Edition in Java Edition by Dragonmaster. CREDITS (Structures): Many of the ships in Water World are based on vanilla shipwreck designs, with modifications suggested by the ships in WilliamWythers The Treasure Islands data pack and Ercerus Ships Out on the Oceans. Other ships are based upon the vanilla End ship design, and still others upon ship designs uploaded by RavenBlueFeather and xTACx to minecraft-schematics.com. The floating wrecks you can sometimes find are borrowed almost without alteration from Ships Out on the Ocean. Aquatic dungeons are minor modifications of dungeons from Enders Hosts Fossils to Dungeon data pack. Finally, the lighthouses in this pack are based on a lighthouse created by Konstantinopol and uploaded to minecraft-schematics.com. -- Rainbeau Flambe (Darryl Burgdorf) Comments


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